Omorovicza Luxury Skincare: Worth the Splurge?

It’s taken me a little while to write this post, mainly because these products are NOT cheap so I wanted to give them a decent test run so any review I give is a fair representation of how a product performs over time. I picked up these products in the 'Moor Mud' gift set here after Christmas in the the Space NK sale (something I obsess about being on the second it goes live because the deals here can be amazing). This set was half price and cost me just £24. The combined value of the products amounts to around £90 so I was pretty chuffed as it’s a brand I’ve always wanted to try but just couldn’t justify the prices. In the set was a full size (50 ml) Thermal Cleansing Balm, a travel size (15 ml) Deep Cleansing Mask and a small (30 ml) Refining Facial Polisher. Incidentally, if you are interested in trying the Thermal Cleansing Balm, the full price set is £48, which is cheaper than the balm would cost alone and you get the bonus of the other products too... no brainer :)

Anyway, I digress...back to the review! We are constantly being told as early as our 20’s that we should be ‘investing’ in our skincare. This of course, is a clever marketing trick to guilt trip us into spending vast amounts on expensive serums, moisturisers and terrifying acid-based liquids. After all, when you get to the stage when your chin and neck merge, it’s a little too late to reach for that La Mer serum! I know it’s marketing, we all know it’s marketing but as women (and men) in today’s image-conscious world, we simply cannot take the risk that scrimping on our skincare might come back to haunt us 20 years from now! But why? 
Despite all we know about the beauty industry, that all products, of all price ranges come from the same 10 or so factories around the world and what makes the prices so varied comes from slight differences in final formulation, packaging, and of course, marketing, yet we are still often tempted to splurge. Also we know that nothing is really that beneficial for your skin beyond what a healthy diet, plenty of water and a good spf everyday would provide. 
Before your world implodes, this doesn’t mean I think that spending more on these products is a bad or stupid thing. I do it! What I do think is it’s all down to how it makes us feel- feeling good about ourselves means we are more likely to invest more time (and money) in our wellbeing generally and therefore, many of the benefits are probably coming from the effort you put into your diet and fitness as opposed to a nice moisturiser. It could be argued that skincare investment is like any other placebo affect. It does have a real affect- it’s doing something but not necessarily what you expected it to do so in this sense, it works!
If you're still with me, let’s explore this further. Omorovicza products are a great example of branding genius. The adjectives are very pleasing; essential oils, brightening, firming, made from the healing waters of Hungary with muds oozing with minerals (I’m paraphrasing here but you get the gist) - what more could your skin desire? The sleek glass packaging, sophisticated branding, even the brand name is so exclusive, you need to practice pronouncing it! And there lies the key word, exclusive. I think we all like to feel a little bit of the luxe life from time to time; some get that from a nice designer handbag, some from holidays, cars, jewellery... or all of the above! Exclusive skincare is another route to making you feel that little bit more special. For me, I love the routine of skincare- a Sunday pamper is one of my favourite things to do and quite frankly, slathering myself in E45 wouldn’t feel quite as indulgent so I prefer to spend a little more on my beauty, body and skincare products.

The exfoliating polish (£65) is a machine and really does leave skin looking brighter, more radiant and beautifully soft. A little goes a long way here so you can really get  your moneys worth on this one. Leave it on for a deeper cleanse or use it to quickly remove dead skin cells and freshen up your complexion. I really liked this and would (possibly) consider repurchasing but not without a decent discount!

The cleansing balm (£52) melts away all your makeup (including waterproof mascara) without needing to savagely attack your eyes with various scrubbing and pinching motions. It’s the epitome of indulgent- you find yourself drifting off into a dreamy facial massaging wonderland and before you know it, you’ve been gently rubbing in circular motions for a good 10 mins!

I really enjoy using this at the end of a busy day, it gives my skin an excellent cleanse but does not leave it dry. The lovely balmy residue means I can go without moisturising after using this (Which is a bloody good job considering the aforementioned trance I go into when using this, so any way to make up lost time gets my vote). I will be genuinely sad when this runs out but I’m not sure it does anything beyond the immediate soft and silky finish it gives. My  body shop camomile cleansing balm does a really great job and I can’t fault it but it doesn’t give me quite such a oooo ahhhh feeling when using it, but it’s a tenner so I just need to get over myself right? 😬

The mud mask (£62) is a funny one. I’ve read reviews of it online where people described the ‘power’ of this product in drawing out impurities- so much so, it made them break out! That’s a good thing? For me, I didn’t experience breakouts after use but if I did, then I’d probably not use it again! My experience was similar to the face polish- a slight brightening of the skin, certainly softer to the touch but quite a drying treatment so overall, not something particularly memorable for its positives and I didn’t notice any changes in my skin after a few uses. Again though, a little goes a long way so cost per treatment is bought down somewhat but I still won’t be rushing out to repurch I’m afraid.

So in summary, there’s no denying I enjoyed using these products. The ritual of indulgent beauty and skincare is important to me but there’s no doubt these expensive products also do what they say and make my skin look and feel a million dollars, the only caveat is, in my opinion, it’s temporary. A day or two at best of brighter, tighter skin before the ritual needs to be repeated. But if you love the look, feel and more polished finish these products can provide then go for it! It’s your money, your skin and your choice so indulge away! 

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