The Luxe Look for Less: My edit of Designer-inspired pieces for SS18.

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I don’t know about you but I’m conflicted when it comes to so-called designer ‘dupes’. On the one hand I love the thought of getting the designer look at much more accessible price points but I hate the idea of straight copies because not only does it cheapen the real deal but it shows a shameless lack of in-house creativity and lets face it, it’s just plain lazy!
I much prefer to see designer-inspired pieces on the high street that draw on shapes, colours, patterns and styles from the catwalks whilst still maintaining some integrity as a brand themselves. Im lucky enough to own a few designer items myself these days but I still love a good high street find, especially when they are more trend pieces that might only stick around for a season.
I also think they are a great way to test drive a particular style or colour that you love the idea of in principal but is it practical? Will you get the wear out of it? Does it even suit you? I would rather spend £30 figuring that out than £1000 so here’s a few examples from my latest browsing of the world wide web that might take your fancy. Click the captions to shop this post.


Designer: Prada flatform sneakers 

High Street: Zara contrasting platform trainers

Prada are synomomus with the flatform trainer and personally, whilst I do LOVE them, footwear is something I struggle to splurge on in the same way I like to on handbags so my vote is for the Zara version. They are equally as statement and would look great paired with straight-leg light wash denim jean and white tee. 

Designer: Truss Large Rhombus Pattern Tote Bag

High Street: Topshop Peter Woven Shopper Bag 
Truss are relatively new on the scene but after launching a couple of years ago, they have reinvented a traditional vibrant Mexican market shopper bag into beautifully designed and curated collection of handmade artisanal pieces. The price tag may seem high when compared to the Topshop beauty but considering they are handmade using traditional techniques and buying one helps to sustain the artisan trade providing income for local communities, I think its priced very reasonably compared with other luxury brands. However, if you don't fancy the splurge then this Topshop number would be perfect for a spring/summer season as a beach bag or day bag when you are out and about.
Designer: Balenciaga Bazar Large Leather Shopper

High Street: Mango Striped Shopper

Balenciaga certainly gets some stick when it comes to their bags. Anyone remember their £1600 giant blue shopper that looked suspiciously like our favourite Swedish flatpack furniture store's bags that cost about £1599 less! Well this striped bad boy could well be mistaken for good ol fashioned laundry bag but I bet Dot Cotton's not stuffing Ian Beale's pants into one of these! Whatever you think of them, they are doing the rounds on the high street and this Mango version nods to the trend whilst keeping under £20...or even better, just pop down the market and pick one up for a quid!

High Street: Zara Leather Crossover Sandals

Designer: Saint Laurent Nu Pieds Woven Leather Slides

I think i've saved the best until last so let's talk about these sandals shall we? I bought myself a pair of these Zara beauties recently because I just couldn't believe how much they reminded my of the Saint Laurent Nu Pieds. The Zara version are also real leather so the quality is great and they have an added metallic detail on the heel which adds a modern touch so I love that! I prefer the squared off toe on the Saint Laurent pair but for me, I just don't think they are worth the money. They are sandals, they WILL get trashed, fast! I would move quick on these if you like them as I have a feeling they will fly off the shelves! 

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